Mr Fahrenheit

The first satellite in Europe to be built by high-school students – students of IB RASZ, the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at I SLO in Warsaw

Mr Fahrenheit is a small, educational satellite. Its mission is to monitor the changes in Earth’s aquatic ecosystem and test a new type of perovskite solar cells in space.

The project is executed by high-school students from IB Rasz and pursues the goal to stimulate the environmental awareness of young people and broaden their technical skills.

You too can become a co-owner of our satellite!

In two years time you will have the chance to stare at the sky and know that your satellite is just above your head! Visit our crowdfunding profile https://zrzutka.pl/67h844!

Mr Fahrenheit CubeSat


Project Mr Fahrenheit is a combination of education, ecology and technology.


Our goal is the education of youth in fields of ecology and STEM disciplines. We are shaping the future generation of engineers, software developers and business leaders. Students from all over Poland and the world will be able to derive from our gained knowledge and experience because the whole project will be documented on our website mr-fahrenheit.com.


New methods of harvesting renewable energy are still being sought. In recent years, high hopes have been put in perovskites – a new type of light-sensitive material based on natural minerals.

Mr Fahrenheit satellite will conduct tests of perovskite solar cells in space. It is a type of solar panels, which can be printed on elastic foils and placed on windows, clothes, vehicles, sails, walls, etc. Mr Fahrenheit will explore the potential of using perovskites on spacecrafts, i.e. in the harsh environment with extreme temperatures, radiation and vacuum.

We wish to contribute to the development of this innovative technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the industry of photovoltaics.


Mr Fahrenheit satellite will conduct an experiment consisting of observing  the changes in Earth’s aquatic ecosystem. It will base on the measuring of  oceans’ colors with spectrophotometric analysis. Mr Fahrenheit will record the concentration of phytoplankton, which is directly connected to the temperature of surface waters and the whole aquatic ecosystem.

We hope to increase young people’s interest in ecology, as well as contribute to a better understanding of Earth’s climate changes.

CubeSat Design

A CubeSat is a type of miniaturized satellite for research and educational purposes of 10x10x10 cm in size, that is the size of eight Rubic’s Cubes. After finishing its mission, a CubeSat entirely burns in the atmosphere, preventing the generation of space debris.

Our team

We are the first team of high- school students building a satellite in Europe.

We are fascinated in many fields, such as engineering, programming, electronics, mechanics, telecommunication, finances and journalism. We are the students of IB World School 1531 in Warsaw, Poland.

Despite our differences, we are united by one shared dream: to reach the stars!

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