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You too can become a co-owner of our satellite!

In two years time you will have the chance to stare at the sky and know that your satellite is just above your head!

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What can we offer our donors and partners?

Project Mr Fahrenheit will be visible in media for three years or at least until 2024.  We already have four space agencies interested in launching our satellite to space: SpaceX (Falcon 9), GK Launch (Soyuz), Interorbital Systems and RocketLab.

This project will help many young people achieve their goals, gain experience in many fields, as well as get accepted to many prestigious colleges. It is a long-term challenge which requires grand commitment, hard work and being able to gather necessary funds.

Without the help of  our generous donors, Mr Fahrenheit has no chance of success. We believe that you will help us reach the stars!

Mr Fahrenheit

Mr Fahrenheit is a CubeSat satellite project entirely managed by high-school students attending IB World School 1531 from Warsaw, Poland.

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